Monday, May 6, 2013

Book Commentary: The Penkovskiy Papers

The French version is actually a translation of the original. The British version moves the “Prikhodko Lecture" to an appendix, but also makes minor editorial corrections in cases where British readers might be offended, as in the case of the description of the Mount Royal Hotel where most meetings took place. Otherwise, reporting follows closely the information which Penkovskiy provided, and the introductory comments before each chapter are appropriately matched with the subject matter which follows.

The Penkovskiy Papers, Frank Gibney and Peter Deriabin, Garden City, New York, 1965
The Penkovskiy Papers, Frank Gibney and P. Deriabin, London, 1965
Carnets d'un Agent Secret (Reports of a Secret Agent), Frank Gibney and Peter Deryabin, Paris 1966
(also published in Sweden, Korea, and Japan)